Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Compost Tumbler: A Photo Essay

55 gallon barrels that formerly held mold inhibitor for animal feed.

Hardware and tools purchased for the project.

Hammering old nails out of fence pickets to reuse for the base.

The base on which the barrel will turn.


Helping by putting the nuts on.

The paddle inside the barrel - more repurposed material.


The finished tumbler!


  1. That is a good design for a tumbler. Does the door stay closed when you are rotating the barrel?
    I made mine last week and posted a series of pictures similar to yours.
    Compost Tumbler

  2. The door stays closed so far. The wood across the top of the door was added to help with that. I think having the bolts horizontally at the top helps keep the sides from bulging. We'll see what happens when it's full!

    I like the stand you made for yours!