Friday, February 24, 2012

Starting 'Em Young

I asked my five year old what he would like to grow by himself this summer (note, I didn't give him a choice about growing something), and he said, "Edible flowers!" He thought the calendula in the Richters catalogue looked pretty good (although there is a divide on the internets: is it peppery, or bitter?)

I figure the earlier you start them, the better. This is good advice for getting kids to do chores, so why not with food production and preparation?

Here he is at age two, already taking it seriously.

With a farming grandpa, how could he help but?

 It wasn't all work, though.
There was reward.

 And, idealist that I am, I am hoping that the pleasure of work will become its own reward.


  1. Bravo, and if the work is pure pleasure the line becomes blurred until it is work no more.

    1. Robin, I know that you know exactly what you're talking about! Your family are role models in this regard.