Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tying up loose ends again

I'm a bit scattered lately. Yesterday, for example, I knew I had a meeting for an organization I volunteer for. Knew it when I checked the calendar in the morning, when I planned supper. Knew it again at 8:30 pm when I got an email from another volunteer about the meeting that had just occurred.

So, I need to tie up some loose ends here, for peace of mind. I need a tidy accomplishment to point to!

1. First, the squash recipe contest:

Try the recipes. They are all good! My 5 year old son especially liked Riv's soup, which he named "Creamy Delight". My aunts and cousins loved Glenna's squash casserole when I brought it to a Boxing Day dinner. My husband and I really enjoyed the risotto - the first risotto I've ever made. My aunt sent me a soup recipe by email that includes a maple syrup and balsamic vinegar reduction - fascinating! (I'll publish it in the comments of the contest post for you all.)

I don't want to have to choose a winner. So what I am going to do is ask participants to send me their mailing addresses if they would like some exclusive Bohemian Flat Podded Sugar Snap Peas. I'm pretty sure I can't send seeds out of Canada, but if I'm wrong, international participants, send me your address! I'm going to award the Waltham Butternut seeds to Glenna because I know she has her own source of Bohemian Flat Podded Peas.

2. Farm Subsidy Information:  

I didn't get any answers on this blog, but I had a couple tweeted and emailed to me. So, if you, like my friend, are curious about US farm subsidies and their effect on other nations, you might want to peruse this primer on US subsidies, take a fairly general yet comprehensive look at their role in the global food crisis, then read about the effect of US subsidies on Mexican agriculture. Keeners can check out the following books:

Peterson, E. Wesley. 2009. A Billion Dollars a Day: The Economics and Politics of Agricultural Subsidies. Wiley.
Anderson, Kym . 2010. The political economy of agricultural price distortions. New York : Cambridge University Press.
3. Finally, my request for a weather recording system. No answers yet, but I haven't abandoned hope.

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